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Cheats Hints - GameBoy Advance - Tactics Ogre Gaiden Cheat Codes
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Game Name : Tactics Ogre Gaiden
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2004-10-09 17:57:52
Views : 8371

Deneb/Secret store
After you meet up with Rictor again in Scabellum and he gives you your campaign funds, go to hire a soldier at the shop. Make sure she is a female of the chaos or neutral alignment and name her Deneb. Train her until her stats meet the requirement of a witch. Go into battle and have her persuade a male unit to join your team, giving her the Vixens Whisper Emblem. When you go to change her to a witch she will make a comment."Just an ordinary witch? Let me take it up a little." And she will then become the famous Deneb from all previous Ogre Battle games. In Scabellum in place of the regular shop, you will now enter Deneb's secret shop. Which sells powerful equipment such as the Candy armor, shield, and helm. All of which costs 2,200 goth a piece and is very strong for a good way into the game. If you find all five of Deneb's lucky glass pumpkins and sell them to her shop you will open up the Fire Crest which is one of the strongest pieces of defense equipment in the game. It costs 32,000 goth but is well worth the investment as for its ludicrous elemental defense bonuses.

Delete saved data
Enter DEL_DATA as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying to delete all current files.

Music test
Enter MUSIC_ON as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying.

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