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Cheats Hints - GameBoy Advance - Phantasy Star Collection Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Phantasy Star Collection Cheat Codes

Game Name : Phantasy Star Collection
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2004-10-09 16:37:43
Views : 14027

Monster Meseta Values

Big Club: 40
DeadTree: 21
Fishman: 42
G. Scorpion: 11
Maneater: 13
Owl Bear: 12
Scorpion: 13
Skull-En: 37
Sworm: 3
Trantul: 51
Werebat: 63
Wing Eye: 6

The following values apply to episode two:

Armorant 34
Bee 9
Fireant 5
Froggy 10
Locus 15
Mosquito 5
Poisonor 19
Spinner 12
Wasp 27

Episode 2: More Characters
You can get more characters as you visit new towns. Every time you visit a new town, go back to Paeso then enter your house. Check to see if a new companion is there. Select 'Recognize' to put them in your team.

Episode 2: Starting
When you start in Episode 2, buy another Knife for 100 Meseta and a Fibercoat for 120 Meseta for Roff. Since you begin with only 200 Meseta, you must get 20 more. Later on, buy the sword for 800 Meseta.

Get 200 Meseta and go to second hand store in Scion. Try to buy a secret. Keep trying until he sells it to you. Next, go to the space station and buy a Passport for 100 Meseta. Answer 'No' to everything she asks, then you can go to other planets.

Dr. Mad
When you get to Dr. Mad, always say 'No' to him or he kills Mayu permanently. If this happens, turn off the Game Boy Advance and back on. The Here way to his lab is as follows. Walk up and turn left when it appears. Keep walking. Ignore the first cross and keep walking. Next, turn right around a corner, then left. Walk forward and there will be a door. Open it, walk forward, and turn right. Keep walking forward until you reach a corner, then turn left and walk up the stairs.

Crossing The River
To cross the river, go to the space station and go all the way to the left, then down to a circular object. Go on top of it. It will send you to a cave. Go through it and you will end up in town with more areas to explore in Episode 1.

Avoiding Encounters
When it is time to run after getting out of a battle, wait for two seconds. If you go immediately, you will almost always run into another monster two or three spaces away.

Easy Experience
Go outside the town walls of the space station and to towns. Go out and fight some monsters until you run out of magic, then go back to the house south of yours. There is a woman who will heal you. Keep repeating this until you reach the desired level.

Getting To The Ice Planet
To get to the Ice Planet, you have to first go to Gothic. After you are done with that, go to the south until you reach a narrow pass. Go south slightly more and you will see a second pass. Follow that pass and you will find a prison-like building. Enter the building and go up until you find a right turn. Take that turn and continue to follow the path until you reach the end. Then, turn around and go down until you see a left turn. Take it and you will find a door. Open with your dungeon key and the doctor will be there. The first time you enter, he will not help. Enter again and then once more. He will finally help and tells you to go back to the City Gothic. Once you get there, go to the houses that are side by side. Enter the left one and talk to him. After that, he will tell you to get his assistant in the underground passage. You need to go to the passage you used to get to this town. After that, go half way in and then take the right turn. You will find a man that is his assistant. Then, go back to Gothic, talk to the doctor again, and pay him 2000 Mesta. After this, go to him again and he will say that he is not done. Go out the city and return to talk to him. He will tell you to get a robot, Hasbey. To get him, you must first get an item called Polymateral. To get it, go to the south, then west, and finally north over the lava. There will be a cave. Go inside and wander around. You will eventually find a stairway leading up. Take that and go east. Go through the opening in the rocks, then follow the path. You will see a city, but keep going north then west. Once you get there, go to the food shop and buy Polymateral for 1400 Mesta. Next, go to the cave. After that, go through the dungeon and then into the city by the cave. Next, go to the house with the blue door and use Polymateral. Hasbey will appear. Go to Gothic again and talk to the doctor. Then, go to the west and talk to the man in the opening by the wall. Go west to find the Ice Planet.

Easy Meseta
To get 50 Meseta, go to the warehouse northeast of your house. Search through it you will find a chest and open it. You will have to go back there later to find the dungeon key.

Faster Traveling
To have a faster trip while traveling from planet to planet, press A when you see the ship flying. The game will skip through the flying scene.

When you start, go to a blue house in the northwest corner. There is a man inside that will give you a pot. Keep it, as it will become useful later in the game.

Selecting Other Episodes
To get to Episodes 2 or 3, press Up or Down when the picture of Phansty Star appears on your control panel.

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