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Cheats Hints - Macintosh - Secret Of Monkey Island Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Secret Of Monkey Island Cheat Codes

Game Name : Secret Of Monkey Island
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:47:29
Views : 15864

Walkthrough :
I will point out the main bits of the story, and basically what you have to
do in each area. Hope you enjoy!

3.1 Part One - The Three Trials

You start off walking down the edge of a cliff heading for the Scumm Bar.
Walk to the right of screen and its just there. Open the door (I might point
out that you can right-click on certain objects and you will automatically
do the most obvious task with the item. eg. open the door) and go inside. Go
to the back of the bar and talk to the important looking pirates. Tell them
you wanna be a pirate. And they will tell you about the three quests. The
three quests are that you must master the art of sword fighting, the art of
theivery and the quest. Ask them for more info about each. Prove yourself in
swordplay, thievery, and treasure huntery and you will become a pirate. Yay!
But, you also have to bring back proof that you have accomplished the tasks.

You have to basically defeat the swordmaster, find the lost treasure of
Mle Island and steal the idol from the governors mansion.

While you are in the bar, wait until the cook guy walks outta the kitchen
and off the screen to the left. When he is off-screen, quickly go into the
kitchen. Grab the hunk of meat, and pot under the table. Now go outside. You
should see a seagull land and start eating the fish. Go to the edge of the
pier, and click on the plank closest to you. You should catapault the
seagull and short distance. Repeat this until you can grab the herring. Now
head outside the bar. You should see a short sequence of LeChuck, the bad
guy, and what he plans to do. Or something like that. When you get outside
the bar, head right into town.

You will see a guy with a bird on his shoulder as you get into town. He will
say something like "Do you have a cousin named Sven", pick the bottom
response, or if you want to, pick another. Cause after that, you can say "My
cousin Sven sends his regards" and the guy will start talking. He will ask
if you wanna buy a map to the legendary lost treasure of Mle Island. Say
you don't want it. Then go over to the left, and talk to the other pirates.
Ask them if they know the guy across the street. He will go on for a while.
And he will ask if you want one of the minutes from the last PTA of Mle
Island. Say you'll take one for two pieces of eight. Yay, you just made some
money. If you move the cursor past the rat, it will eventually run off. It
doesn't matter, cause it doesn't affect the game in any way.

Now, go down the street on the left, and through the first door on the
right. You should be in a dark room. Pickup the chicken on the table and go
over to the right. Start talking to the voodoo guy. After this, go back to
the cliffside where you started, and walk back along it. at the top, go the
right, and then to the clearing on the map. It is near the middle of the
map. A pink spot. Anyways, go to the tent, and then when you get the chance,
say something. After a while, say you have a helmet, and show them the pot.
After a short sequence, they will give you 478 pieces of eight. You can now
go back into town and buy the map off that guy with the parrot.

After you have a quick look at the map, it looks like you have been ripped
off. But don't worry, it is the real map. Anyways, go dwon the left path,
and into the distance. Go into the first house. It is actually a shop. Use
the bell, then pickup the sword and the shovel. Talk to the shopkeeper, then
buy them both. Then ask the shopkeeper on where you can test out the sword.
He'll go visit the Swordmaster, who you have to battle later on. Follow him,
out past the cliffside, out into the forest somewhere. While you are here,
pick some yellow flowers. After he talks with the swordmaster, go back onto
the map, then go to the house on the path that goes past the bridge and
lights. When you get to the bridge, give the troll the fish you got earlier.

When you get to the house, open the door. A sequence will follow, and you
will do some light training. After this go back onto the map, and walk
around the map so you get in the way of pirates. You must be standing still
so they will challenge you. Pickup new insults, and use them on the next
pirate. Try and get as many as you can. After you have got all of the
appropiate insults, go challenge the swordmaster. Her insults are different
from the pirates, but somewhat similar. Try and pick the best response.
Plus, you need to match her insults five times before you can beat her. When
you do, she will give you a shirt for proof that you have beaten her.
Congratulations, you have just completed one of the three trials.

Now, go all the way back into town, past the shop, and off the left of
screen, down to the mansion. When you get there, use the yellow flower with
the hunk of meat, and use the meat with the poodles. Now go inside the
mansion, and go through the door directly on your right. At the end of the
sequence, you should have all of the following : a staple remover, a Manual
of Style, some wax lips and a can of Gopher repellant. But you need a file
to break the lock, so go back into town and go into the first building past
the arch that looks like a jail. It is a jail. Talk to the guy inside. After
trying to talk to him, go back to the shop and get some breath mints. Give
them to the guy, and talk to him and find out some info. He will complain
about the rats. Hmmm... You might have something that will help him, thats
right the Gopher Repellant! Give it too him and he will give you his carrot
cake. Now, if you have sen this done in the movies, they will hide a file in
a cake and then give the cake to someone in jail, so they can break out.
Open the cake and you will get the much needed file. Go back to the mansion
and go through the gaping hole in the wall you created earlier.

After yet another sequence, you'll get the idol, but the local Sheriff guy
will try and stop you. After even more talking and sequences, Fester boy
will tie you to the idol and throw it off the pier. You will get pulled
under the water. He also takes your sword, so when you are under the water,
you can't cut the rope. You can't reach any of the objects under the water
that could cut the rope easily. But you can, pickup the idol. How easy was
that. Now walk up the ladder. Now Gov. Marley will talk to you for a second.

After this head out to the fork on the map, then look at your map. See how
it says : Back! Two-Three-Four Left! Two-Three-Four Right! Two-Three-Four
etc etc? Well the Back, left and right are the directions you walk in
through the forest. Firstly, click the black doorway thing at the back then
go off the left of screen then right etc etc. When you get to the canyon
thing, push the sign like the shopkeeper did. Eventually you'll get to the
treasure. Dig on the X and get a shirt. You now have completed all of the
three trials! Woo Hoo! You are now a pirate, or at least when you show the
pirate leaders.

When you get back to the pier, you will see a ghost ship sailing away. The
old guy from the lookout will tell you that Gov. Marley has been kidnapped
by LeChuck and his ghost crew. Now go to the Scumm Bar and pickup all of the
mugs. Go out the back and talk to the cook. He will tell you to get a crew
and a ship and go after LeChuck.

There are few people on the island that can go on your crew. And they are
Otis (the guy in jail), the swordmaster and Meathook, the guy living in the
house at the top right of the map. Firstly, to get Otis outta jail, use the
one of the mugs you have, with the barrel in the kitchen, and quickly run
back to the prison. On the way, you will see the mug start to melt, so
quickly use that mug with another to transfer the grog. When you get to the
jail, use the mug with grog in it on the lock to burn it away. Then ask Otis
if he'll be on your crew. Another short sequence will follow when you exit
the jail. Then go to the swordamster and tell her the Governor's been
kidnapped. Then, go to the map, and go to the island at the top left, and
ask Meathook to be on your crew. To get to his house, use the rubber chicken
on the cable. When your there, he will show you this tattoo trick. Then tell
him the Governor's been kidnapped. He will ask you what to do, and you say
we could get a crew together etc. He will ask you to do a task for him.
After the sequence, open the little wooden door, and do one of the actions
to the little parrot. Meathook is now on your crew.

Now, you have to go and buy a ship. Go to the lights on the map. It is a
used boat place, run by a rather peculiar man called Stan. This guy is one
wild character! Anyways, say that you don't have much money, then say you
might get a note of credit. Stan will say that you might be able to get one
from the shopkeeper if you have a job. On the way out, Stan will give you a
business card and a magnetic compass.

Go to the shopkeeper, and ask him about a note of credit. Now, while he is
walking up the stairs, pay VERY close attention to the combination he puts
in the safe. Save the game now. RIGHT NOW! Anyways, remember the
combination he puts in. Learn it. Or write it down. And note : the
combination is always different for every game. Anyways, no matter what you
say now, you will get the same result. He will put the credit back in the
safe. Now ask him if he will go see the swordmaster again. When he is gone,
go upto the safe. If you PULL the handle, it will go anti-clockwise. If you
PUSH the handle, the handle will go clockwise. Remember this also. When you
open the safe, you can get the note of credit. Now go all the way back over
to Stans. Now ask to see the cheap one again. Now comes one of the most
boringest bits in the game. You have to bargain with him. Yee hah! Not.
Now, save the game. Anyways, check what he is offering for a prices
regulary. And offer him low prices for the ship. Then talk about extras,
and go through all of them and say that you don't any of that junk. After a
while, you can get the price under 5000 pieces of eight. Which just happens
to be how much credit you have. Keep offering low prices and saying that
the extras are junk. Then when the price is approximately 6500 pieces of
eight. Offer him 5000 pieces of eight and the ship should be yours. If not,
you'll have keep on bargaining, until you get it. You have nearly finished
part one of The Secret Of Monkey Island.

Now, mosey on back to the village, and Stan and the ship should be waiting
on the pier. Another short sequence should start and... You have just
finished part one! Hoorah!!!

3.2 Part Two - The Journey

We start with, sigh, yet another sequence. After this, you start in the
captin's cabin. Grab the feather pen, the ink, and then open the drawer.
Grab the old, dusty book inside adn look at it. Anyways, head back onto the
deck. Talk to the "crew" if you want. They won't do anything for you. Now
head down the hatch, and walk to the door. You'll be in a kitchen. Now grab
the pot on the bench, and open the cupboard. Full of cereal! Grab one of
the boxes and head out. Now go down the hatch. Look around and you'll see
some rope. Grab it, then open the kegs. You'll get some gunpowder. And open
the chest in the bottom right corner. Look at it and you'll get some fine
wine. Now head back up to the deck, and through the door into the captain's
cabin. On the right of screen is a cabinet, and its locked. Remember the
cereal? Sometimes cereal packets have prizes inside them... Thats right,
you have to open the cereal box. Then open the prize. You'll get a key with
a monkey head on it. Use it on the cabinet, then open the treasure box
inside. You now have the recipe the captain was talking about in his little

Now, we have to find all of the ingredients. Firstly, you have the cinammon
sticks. Now you need some mint leaves, but you can't get any cause the game
won't let you land your ship and buy some. But, you do have some mint
lollies. Hmmm... Now we have to find a pressed skull. See if you can guess.
You probably won't guess what it is, but i'll tell you anyway. Go onto the
deck. Go up the rope ladder behind the "crew." You'll see a jolly roger.
Grab it and you will have your pressed skull. ow you already have your INK.
And your CHICKEN. Put the cinammon sticks, the breath mints, the jolly
roger, the ink, the chicken with a pulley, the wine, and the cereal in the
cooking pot.

Now lastly, put in the gunpowder. And BANG! A voodoo spell will go off.
Now after a quick sequence, you'll be at MONKEY ISLAND!!! Yay! Anyways, you
have to find a way there. And since you don't have a rowboat, you have to
find another way. Remember when you were working for the fettutcini
brothers? Remember how you got shot outta the cannon? You have to do it
again. You'll use the same helmet. Grab some more gunpowder. Now, at the
cannon, use the giant piece of rope with the cannon, and the gunpowder with
the nozzle. No go back down to the kitchen, use Stan's business cards with
the fire under the pot, go back upstairs, use the flaming mass with the
rope and quickly use your pot. If the fuse burns out, get more gunpowder
and repeat the process. When you get shot out you will fly to the island at
great speed and you have finished part two!!! Congratulations! You are now
on the home stretch!

More exciting adventures in the next version.

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