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Cheats Hints - Macintosh - Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti In Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti In Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals Cheat Codes

Game Name : Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti In Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:00:19
Views : 20448

Cheat :
Pass age check:
Press [Option] + X at the age check questions. Any maturity level may now be selected.

Walkthrough :
----------------------------------------------------------------There are a few good parts to this game such as half way through you play as a woman. Now this is
the first game ever to have where you can switch roles, very impressive back then. And there are
also the same old age questions which can be bypassed by the Ctrl+Alt+X key combination, (you
just decide your filth level from 1-5) and through the game they have copy protection questions.
They can be found in your book that came with the game, (to insure you don't have a unlegit copy)
But enouph of this on with the faq...
Ah here i am you say to yourself through relaxed words, the nontoonyte vista point. Its so pretty
here you think to yourself. You smile as you take a look at your plaque. in memory of our great
hero larry laffer. Finaly you shout, i get respect. You strech your arms as you walk over to the
only working binoculars. i wonder what kind of views await me here you say to yourself as you
look through them. ahhhh, woba, woba, woba!!!!! you chant to yourself in jibberish, you wipe the
sweat from your forehead. feeling guilty you decide it is time to go home to your loyal wife who
loves you and trusts you. (o.k. when you start out walk in front of the plaque and type "LOOK AT
PLAQUE" after you see what you wanted type "EXIT" then go over to the left binoculars, stand in
front of them and type "USE BINOCULARS" after the nice cartoon, you wipe the sweat from your face
and you head down.)
As you make your way home to your lovely wife, bad news invades your ears when your wife gives
her reasons for divorcing you for a lesbian-amazon-biker-slot machine-repair woman. Your heart
is broken as you walk off. (o.k. just make it back to your house the fingers should show you the
way, then just watch the cartoon.)
As you walk through the jungle hoping to find a resolution for your perdicament, you take a deep
breath than look around, it is time you think, it is time for the man in leisure to return. (o.k.
just keep walking right and then the cartoon will take over and youll be back in your leisure
You stop for a second and decide you need some dough, and fast. So you head home. When you arrive
your wife is no where to be found, and the mail has not been checked. So you decide to check it.
hey you say as you rip open your letter, its that credit card i have been waiting for. yes you
shout as you put it in your pocket, now its time to buy some love. (o.k. walk back to your house
when you first are wearing your leisure suit then walk up to your mail box and type these words
"OPEN MAILBOX" you should open it and it should reveal a letter, type "OPEN LETTER" and it should
give you a credit card. there you are done continue on.)
As you walk to work, you stumble over a grandilla stick so you decide to pick it up and use it as
a walking stick, until you are in front of your workplace, you put the stick inside your pocket
and take a deep breath, o.k. you think be strong. (o.k. as you are walking to work follow the
fingers, the sence left of the one where you changed back to the man of leisure should have a
stick lying on the ground just stand in front of it and type "TAKE STICK", then keep following
the finger to your workplace.)
[this is your part just walk in and the computer will handle the rest until you are outside.]
You stand up raising your fist in anger vowing that you will never work for him again. But now
your are depressed and decide that a nice walk to the beach might help clear your thoughts. But
what is this you find a beautifal girl lying on topless on a beach towel, this is too good to
be true. (as you are fired make you way to the beach below the spot where the fountain is and
you should see a woman.)
You walk up to the girl and make eye contact. Man she is pretty you say as you begin to talk to
her, hello tawni you say. tawni seems unimpressed. Then a thought overtakes your mind, hey im a
swinger again now i can get any woman with the right kind of cash, here tawni you say as you hand
her your credit card with no denial. I want you to have this. Oh thank you she says to you as she
shows her appretiation. (o.k. walk up to the woman and type "LOOK AT WOMAN" then when you see her
type "TALK TO WOMAN" and as you talk to her type "GIVE WOMAN CREDIT CARD". and she should show
her thanks, now you get to keep this knife, when you are done go to the fountain.)
You sit by the fountain looking at that dull knife you have in your possesion. humm you say as
you try to cut yourself but all it does is tickle. hmmmm you throw the knife down and start to
play with the stick swinging it like a sword. And than your mind starts to think about tawni, and
that s.o.b. that disturbed you the first time. Hey wait a minute you jump up, she loves souviners
so ill disguise myself as a native and sell her something, if it doesnt win me tawni i at least
get some money. I can carve this stick but this knife is rather dull hmmmmmmm. think! you yell at
yourself as you are paceing in front of the hotel steps, you slam the knife down as sparks fly,
hey thats it, thats how i can get it sharp, you begin sharpening your knife and when you are
finsihed you carve out a perfect gift for anyone. But now you think I need an outfit. (o.k. walk
in front of the steps by the hotel and type "SHARPEN KNIFE ON STEPS" then type "USE KNIFE ON
WOOD" there you have a souviner but now a disguise.)
As you sit in the chair in the comedy club listening to this lame comedian, you begin to think,
hmmmmm, i need a disguise, but what. as you begin to scratch your leg you look at it. Ow you say
out loud. blood is not a pretty sight, that dang grass is killer! Hey wait a minute you say as
you stand up from your chair and race out to where you cut your leg, you take out your knife and
cut the grass, perfect you say now if you could just remember your weaving class, ah there it is
you say as you begin to weave a perfectly good native outfit, now my plan to win tawnis heart
back is almost complete. (o.k. this part is as easy as making muffins, all you do is walk to
where the chip n' dales is located and stand in the grass, type "CUT GRASS WITH KNIFE" then when
you cut it type "WEAVE SKIRT", there you go, the comedy hut is where you go if you want to score
some extra points.)
O.K. time to slip into this disguise you say as you take off your leisure suit and put on your
skirt. You take out your souviner and walk twords the beach where tawni is. souviners you yell as
you get tawnis attention. ohhh she says as she doesnt recognize you, how much. Oh you say as you
hold the souviner in front of her, about 20 bucks. deal tawni says as she hands you her last 20.
you hand her the statue, thank you nice doing buisness with you. (o.k. this is easy all you have
to do is go to the changing stalls by the hotel, get a drink if you want just stand in front of
the fountain and type "GET DRINK", then go to tawni, the computer should handle it from here.)
You get a drink and notice a free soap on a rope. thats nice you say out loud as you pocket it.
you take a deep breath time to change you say as you enter the stall, you put back on your suit,
and continue on your way thinking of a way to use your new found money. (now go in front of the
drinking fountain in the scene of the changing stalls and type "GET SOAP ON A ROPE" then go into
the stall and type "PUT SUIT BACK ON" after a few blocks of text youll be on your way.)
You stand on the beach as you put your new towel in your pocket thinking on what to do, hey you
think, the hotel is where it is happening i heard there was a new show playing with someone named
cherry tart. Hey thats it you say ill go into the hotel and try to watch the show. (now go back
to the beach and stand in front of the towel where tawni was lying, lucky towel, and type "TAKE
TOWEL" then go into the hotel and talk to the martie'd)
As you show the martie'd your ticket, he looks at his little chart, well sir uhh, he held out his
hand, you sit a 20 in it. Yes sir he said as he moves aside, after you. (o.k. when your in front
of the martie'd type "SHOW TICKET" now this is a copy protection he will want you to type in the
number of the ticket in the book. than when it is done, just watch the show, afterwards you need
to wait by the phone.)
As you wait in the waiting room, the beautifal cherri tart comes out of the locked door and uses
the phone. You take a deep breath as you look at her, uhhh hello cherri you say i enjoyed your
show. As you begin to endulge in a conversation with cherri you find out all she really wants is
some land, and your just the man to do it (o.k. as cherri tart uses the phone walk in front of
her and type "LOOK AT WOMAN" than type "TALK TO WOMAN" then type "GIVE LAND", then she tells you
to come back.)
As you enter the building of dewy cheatem and howe you cant help but wonder if there is something
hidden in that message. nahhhh you say as you talk to the man behind the desk. Hello you say as
the man looks up. How may i help you the man says through a wide tooth smile. Uh yes im here to
file for divorce. Oh, just a minute the man says as he picks up the phone, a couple of seconds
later the man hangs up the phone. Go right on in mr. laffer. thanks you say as you make your way
to the lawers office. You take a seat on the big black couch, and get right down to buisness.
Yes you say, im here to file for divorce and i was wondering about the deed. Oh yes mr. laffer
let me get that for you, ill have my secratary process that. Oh you say as you exit her office,
that was easier than i tought. You leave the building to take in a couple minutes of fresh air,
ahhhhhhh the air smells nice you say as you turn around and enter the building again. Hey is that
deed ready you ask the man. why yes it is mr. laffer he says as he hands it to you, have a nice
day. Yea you too you say as you make your way to the casino. (now enter the lawers building,
stand in front of the desk and type "ASK ABOUT DIVORCE" the man should point you to the lawers
office, while there type "ASK ABOUT DIVORCE" or something similar, then you should be by the
secratary, he has not gotten done yet so exit the building than re-enter, stand in front of him
and type "ASK ABOUT DEED" He will give you the deed, now on to cherri tart.)
As you make your way to the casino you stand in front of cherris door. You knock, and after a
short while she answers, have you got the deed larry? Yes you say in extreme joy, its right here!
good cherri says as she opens the door and lets you in. (o.k. stand in front of the door where
cherri came out last time and type "KNOCK ON DOOR" then the computer should handle it until you
are on stage and than when it asks you what should you do type "DANCE")
You hand the 500 dollars over to the secratary, here roger you say. Thank you roger said as he
points you to suzi's office, and mr. laffer. yea you say as you turn around. Nice outfit, hahaha!
Hey you shout i was in a hurry to get this over with, you turn back around as you enter suzis
office. Umm you say as you sit down, suzi i uhhh would like to talk about that divorce. oh yes
mr. laffer she says as she begins to sweat. (o.k. i won't ruin it for you, when you are by the
phone in the casino dont change back into your leisure suit instead go to the lawers office, and
pay the 500 dollar fee, just walk up to the man and type "ASK ABOUT DIVORCE", then type this
"PAY FEE", then he will show you to suzi's office, just type "ASK ABOUT DIVORCE" and let the
computer handle the rest.)
You leave the office for a little bit of fresh air. man those dumb lawers always taking up all
the time they need, I better go see if there done. You walk back up to roger and ask about your
divorce papers, and sure enouph there they are. Finally you shout in joy as you head back to the
casino again, i can get back into my leisure suit, but what is this you stumble and drop your
papers, as you pick them up you notice a FAT city card in them you hold on to it until you can
get back to your suit once and for all. (o.k. after you find out the papers aren't ready leave
and go back in. Walk up to the man and type "ASK ABOUT PAPERS" he should give them to you, now go
back to your leisrue suit in the casino backstage and type "PUT LEISURE SUIT ON" when you get it
on type "LOOK AT PAPERS", you should find a FAT city card.)
O.K. you say as you enter fat city. I'm a swinger and all swingers need to be buff, so ill just
lift a little while. You enter through the left door and find yourself inside a locker room. hmmm
mm you think to yourself as you look at the card, where is my locker, here it is you say out loud
as the numbers #69 appear on it. And also some other weird things, you shake your head and decide
to just find your locker, o.k. here it is you say now time to open this locker up. (o.k. when you
enter FAT city go into the left door and into the locker room, look on the back for your FAT city
card just type "LOOK AT THE CARD" you should see your locker #69, which is the farthest left
locker, your back should be facing the screen, and your combination are the page numbers of the
advertisments, such as let me give you an example FAT CITY pg.23, then when your done type "OPEN
As you change into your sweats you close and lock your locker, you never know when theives might
try to steal something from you. You make your way to the weight room to do some serious lifting.
(o.k. now this is a hard part, when you open your locker, type "TAKE OFF SUIT" than type "PUT ON
SWEATS", then type "LOCK LOCKER" or something similar to that, double check to make sure it is
locked, now make your way to the weight room, the hard part is the number of each excersize you
do has to do with the speed of your microprossesor, or your pentium, or celeron or whatever you
call your cpu chip. for example mine is a pentium III, and i had to do 500 and more of each
excersize, but dont worry on knowing your speed, just keep doing it until a little block of text
pops up then leave the machine and try to get back on it, you cant, countinue until you are done
with everyhing and you will be a stud, just stand in front of a machine and type "USE MACHINE".)
Its time to clean up my image you say as you walk back to your locker and open it up, you take
off your sweats and put on your towel. you walk into the shower hoping to come out a new man.
ahhh you say as you wipe yourself with your only soap on a rope until every last drop of suds is
gone. you wash a couple seconds longer as you walk out of the shower room, as you arive at your
locker you dry off with it, and throw it into your locker, psssssssssst the spray can makes as
you apply it to your newly washed skin, you strecth in comfort,now time to go back in the suit,
hopefully for good. (o.k. walk back to your locker and open it up, take off your suit and put on
your towel just type "TAKE OFF SUIT" and "PUT ON TOWEL", lock your locker and walk into the
shower room. type "USE SOAP ON A ROPE" and it should be out of your inventory, next walk back to
your locker open it and type "USE TOWEL TO DRY OFF" or something similar to it. next type "USE
DEODARANT", thats better now finnaly type "PUT ON LEISURE SUIT", there you are done.)
Ah you say as you explore the northen part of FAT city, feeling like a new man. Hey you say as
you see one of the most prettiest girls dancing on the stage. You look at her, and begin to talk,
you soon find out that she is unhappy about her video it ain't going how she planned, so you step
forward to help. (o.k. as you see bambi type these things in than watch until the computer is
done. type "LOOK AT WOMAN" then "TALK TO WOMAN" then "HELP BAMBI", and that should do it.)
A couple hours later you are sitting in your favorite cave next door to the chip n' dales. you
take some flowers and make a lei out of them, its an old tradition and you like to practice it
as many times as you can. As you take a deep breath you stand up, hey you say out loud, why am
i moping around here when there is action to be had, the casino is still young with young women!
and so you run off to the casino, a little bit over zealous. (o.k. walk into the cave next to
the chip n' dales and stand in front of the flowers that are in the sun, and type "TAKE FLOWERS"
then type "MAKE LEI OUT OF FLOWERS", then head to the bar in the casino.)
As you make your way to the bar you sit on the stool, and see one of the most prettiest women you
have ever seen, no not like that you counterdict yourslef, not that wise but the pretty you kept
and shared with kalua, is this love? you shake your head and look at the woman, you then begin to
speak. Hello lovley lady you do know it is tradition i give you this lei as peace, dont you? Oh
the woman said as she took it. You begin to move in for the kill, here are my divorce papers you
say, im free so what do you say? The woman smiles. (o.k. what you do is go to the bar and stand
in front of a stool and type "SIT DOWN", then type "LOOK AT WOMAN" then "TALK TO WOMAN" then
You think to yourself, how do i make this night a night to remember,and then you think of it. Of
course you yell out loud, wine!!! But you are brought back to earth when you discover you have no
wine. But that has never stopped you before, you try to think of where you seen some wine. hmmmm,
I know you think to yourself, I seen some at the comedy hut, ill just run down there and get some
right now. (o.k., you need some wine for your woman right, so go to the comedy hut and stand in
front of the table, type "TAKE WINE", and then leave.)
As you press the call button on the elavator, you wait, and finally after a while waiting, you go
inside the elavator. You press button number nine, and you imagin you and patti. When you arrive
in her room you pour some wine, and one thing leads to another and slam dunk score!!! (o.k. when
you go to the elavator just stand in front of it and type "PUSH BUTTON" after a while, you go
into the elavator, when your in it type "GO TO FLOOR 9" or something similar to it, after you
are in her room "POUR" the wine and let the computer handle it, press F8 if you want to skip this
long part.)
As you awake you yawn, I don't want to lose my larry you say to yourself, and you stand up. you
take the empty wine bottle, with the thought that it will come in handy later. you walk behind
your dresser and put on your outfit (panties, bra, pantyhose, dress) you finish getting dressed.
and go down to where you work, you decide to take your tips, in case you need it later, and a
magic marker, hey its free you think. You continue on your way out of the casino, but you turn
right to get a drink, and to fill up your water bottle, hey you say to yourself, you never know
when a bottle full of water might come in handy. Now time to meet an aquaintance you think to
yourself as you continue on your journey. (o.k. this is alot for just a little amount of text,
when you wake up walk over to the tray and type "TAKE WINE BOTTLE", then go behind your dresser,
and type these things in, in the exact order, "PUT ON PANTIES" "PUT ON PANTYHOSE" "PUT ON BRA"
and then "PUT ON DRESS", there thats better now head down to the bar, and walk in front of the
cup of money and type "TAKE TIPS" then walk in front of the chalk board and type "TAKE MAGIC
MARKER" there your done for now.)
As you stand in front of the martie'd you pay him your tip money and walk inside the chip n'
dales. you sit in the cair and enjoy the show, but as you begin to talk to the male stripper for
help, he doesn't offer much, so your on your own, so you get up and leave. (o.k. your alone no
help no nothing, pay the martie'd by standing in front of him and type "PAY MONEY" The martie'd
lets you in, than you can watch the show, after wards look at the man and talk to him, get a few
good lauphs then leave to the babboon forest.)
[solving this is very easy, but if it says you get thirsty which it will type "DRINK WATER" than
continue walking through the jungle of bamboo, here are the directions]
As you stumble to the nice crisp cool wet and watery stream you take a handful of water and make
a pig of yourself, you cant help it though that bamboo jungle was no winter land. You stand up
and shake the fatigue off yourself and begin to walk, woa you say as you almost fall off a cliff,
I need to get down there but how you say as you sit on a rock, Hey you think as you rub your
pantyhose. (o.k. now when you get out of the bamboo forest get close to the stream but dont fall
in, type "GET A DRINK" then when you are full walk up to the rock on the next screen type "REMOVE
PANTYHOSE" then type "TIE PANTYHOSE TO THE ROCK" then let the computer take over for a while.)
As you fall you stand up with all your might, now what have i gotten myslef into you think, as
you look around. A couple of minutes of thinking devises a plan, the marajuana growing in the
back can be used for a reason other than having fun, it could be used as an effective rope, and
so you walk over to pick some hemp and make a rope. there you say as you admire your work, and
the smell. You climb up a tree to get some cocanuts, who knows you may get hungry later? As you
climb down the tree you come up with another crazy idea, you throw your rope to the other side
of the cliff and connect it to the tree you climbed on your side of the land. Perfect you say
as you test the rope. It is strong but i need something...hmmm...let me think, ah i know you say
as you rip a peice of your dress off and use it as a passing harness, i hope this works you think
to yourself. (o.k. this is pretty easy stand in front of the pot and type "TAKE HEMP" and then
type "MAKE ROPE" then stand in front of the tree and type "CLIMB TREE" when you reach the top,
type "GET COCANUTS", then climb down. then type "THROW YOUR ROPE" and you should throw it to the
other side then type "RIP DRESS" and you should cross over, there the cliffs are over.)
Oh no you yell out as you jump back before the pig grabs you. You need to think, uhh i without
any resistance you put your cocanuts in your bra and use it as a dangerous weapon, BOOOM!!! it
worked, no pig no problem, but you decide not to gloat and head forward. (before the pig gets to
you type "REMOVE BRA" and then type "PUT COCANUTS IN BAR" then the computer should take over from
As you stand in front of the great river a log sits floating over in the corner of your eye, hey
you say i could float across, i mean the impossible has happened so far, so you walk over to the
log and push it out then you get on top of it, ready for a great log ride. (o.k. you see the log
go over to it and type "PUSH LOG" and when it gets to where it stops type "GET ON LOG" now you
have two choices one press F8 to bypass this just like the love scence between larry and patti or
two, try to beat it yourself.)
As you talk to your man larry laffer you think it is more important to find a way out before you
two reunite, so you sit and think for a minute, hmmmm magic thats it you say the impossible has
happened so far and this is a video game, so ill use a magic marker to take us out of here!
Sounds good to me larry says shrugging his shoulders. So you do and boom a magical door, quick
you yell out to larry as you both jump thorugh it. (o.k. when your in the amazon cage just type
"USE MAGIC MARKER" and thats it.)
As you and your man larry laffer fall on your faces you stand up and wonder where you are, uhhh i
have no clue larry says as he continues forward, you follow him taking lead, follow me you say
bravely as larry holds no argument having a woman going first. wooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa you say
as the gravity suddenly dissapears, quick the switch larry says as you try to reach for it, maybe
hes right. boom, he is as you two fall face first again on the ice cold stone concreate (oh)
ground. (o.k. all you have to do is make your way to the right and when you are by the switch
type "SHUT OFF MACHINE" than head left and enjoy the weird ending to this game.)

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