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Cheats Hints - Macintosh - A-Train Cheat Codes
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You're viewing A-Train Cheat Codes

Game Name : A-Train
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-11 02:44:54
Views : 15720

Cheat :
Continue game play:
To continue game play after a quick loss, immediately select the "New Game" option after losing. Cancel that option, then obtain more money by selling buildings, borrowing from the bank, or selling shares.

Hint :
Hint: Quick stock deals:
Buy stocks on June 30 since dividends are always paid on July 1. Note: when purchasing a stock worth greater than $100, its price must rise 21 points before any profit can be made.

Walkthrough :
First of all people need a place to work, and if there's not enough people
nearby where the factories, lease buildings are they'll get on a train to find
work. If you dont provide work for your populace, you will lose money bit by bit
over the years until your broke. When building places of work, think where
you're putting them. Too far away from a station and they'll lose money, too
near to each other and they'll be competing against each other for business.

When laying down track, remember not to go mad with the designs. The more track
you have the more property tax. Also try and build a belt line connecting with
outlying residences, this way you'll need less passengers to break even on the
trains you've bought. The equation here is, the greater distance between each
station, the less passengers you need to pay off the train you've purchased.
Also, if the distance between stations is greater than 35 blocks, ticket prices
are doubled.

Now I've a point to make and its just that. Points. If you put down an offshoot
to your line, always remember to change the points setting in the schedule
trains window. There's nothing worse than a train not going where it should, or
even worse a pile up(now, which train went where). What's the differnce between
large stations and small stations?. A lot. Large stations bring in more from
sales income(different from fare income)and they allow roads to be built from
the back of them. Large stations may cost a lot to buy, but in the long run they
bring in more money, (change from a small station to a large one when you see
houses sprouting up near your station). As for departure times, set them to 8am
to catch all the commuters, the next best time is 6pm and 1 hour stop is
normally the best,
but not in every situation.

Here follows a list of buildings and which others work best with them:

Factory-stations (freight needs to be taken away to be used)
Needs 20 materials
People emloyed-500
Commercial-Station, appartments, lease buildings, hotels and residences
Needs 12 materials
People employed-550
Hotel-Stations, factories, lease buildings, and recreational places
Needs12 materials
People employed-550
Golf course-Stations, hotels, apartments and residences
Needs 8 matreials
People employed-200
Amusement park-Stations, hotels, apartments and residences
Needs 24 materials
People employed-200
Ski resort-Stations, hotels and apartments
Needs 8 materials
People employed-0
Stadium-Stations, hotels, lease buildings and apartments
Needs 20 materials
People employed-150
Apartments-Stations, lease buildings and recreational places
Needs 8 materials
People employed-10
Lease buildings-Stations and hotels
Needs 10 materials for the first 5 floors, then 8 for each additional 5 floors.
People employed-120 per 5 floors
Real estate
While not a building as such it can bring in some good money. If you
buy the real estate first and then clear it this will speed up growth. Also try and predict where things will be
built, as the land will be worth more. The number of subsiduaries you are limited to owning is 60 and 18 of any
one sort.

You've been playing now for nearly a year and its coming to the end of march,
And we all know what that means-TAX. How do you avoid it? (This only appllies in
the Computer game world, and not in real life kids). By converting your profits
into property, BEFORE March 31st, one hour later and it wont count. You've been
warned. Here's some examples of what can be bought and the pros and cons:

Buying more railroad stock and track.
Pros: You earn money all the time the new stations and trains.
Cons: If you try to sell trains back, you'll only get half what you
paid and stations and track can never be sold.

Building and purchasing more subsiduaries.
Pros: If you get it right you can get up to 3, 000, 000 but which one.
You can buy 30 in the first year and 15 in the following years.
Cons:You might go over the limit for a particular subsiduary and can't
sell it.

Buying stocks.
Pros: You can buy it and sell it whenever you choose.
Cons: The stock market might crash.

Buying real estate.
Pros: By building track or station nearby you'll increase its value.
Cons: It can be too much trouble to buy stacks of Real estate, we are
talking 100s.

A little while back we were talking about stocks, so here's some more
details. The stock market goes in a cycle starting at being told"The market
is stagnant" and finishes at"The price is dropping". This takes about 45-46
day to go full cycle. The next cycle is more important. Once every 18
months(maybe a couple or so of days after)the stock market has a new cycle,
its then that the stock market prices go up, and i do mean up. DONT DELAY
in selling any stocks you have, because like shop sales, they dont come
very often(surely this isnt based on real life). After that its back to the
start of the first cycle.

Money. If you dont have enough of it you've lost. Good job you can borrow
it from your friendly bank manager. Realise though, that there is different
intrest rates at different moths of the year (that doesn't mean to say that
all the months will be the same year in, year out). The rates of intrest
can vary for 1-3 years as follows:

1 year 2%-9%
2 year 3%-10%
3 year 4%-11%

Just be sure that you can pay off your debts when the time comes, or you
might find that you're game has ended prematurely.

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