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Cheats Hints - Nintendo 64 - StarCraft Cheat Codes
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You're viewing StarCraft Cheat Codes

Game Name : StarCraft
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:49:04
Views : 17394

Hint :
To get anything but you have to pay:
First press D, C, R and L and Z. This should result in a menu. This menu will show you ground units upgrades skills and special powers, and spells.

Building Cheat Disc:
To get the Building Cheat Disc that allows your to produce faster, play the first level of Zerg Brood Wars. After you save the first hive run over and save the second hive. After you save it go down and hiiden in a corner is the disc.

Strategy for the Protoss:
Begin by making 7 probes and then make a pylon to house more units. Then make more probes until you have a whole swarm of them and then you will gain money fast. Now it's time to make 3 more pylons and then make 4 gateways. At each gateway make 1 zealot. Use your 4 zealots to attack the enemy. This will keep him occuppied for a while. Then make a cybernetics core and when its done make upgrade longer site range for your dragoons units. Make a lot of dragoons and remember to construct more pylons if you can't make any more units. When you have around 20 it's time to attack and if that doesn't work just keep on producing more dragoons until the enemy is down.

Unlimited money:
Press C-Up, C-Left, C-Right then C-Down and you should have unlimited money.

Faster building:
Repeatedly press B on a structure to build it faster.

Strategy for the Terrans:

Train as many SCV units as you can, then build at least 5-6 Supply Depots. Continue to train SCV units until you have around 20-30 of them. They will harvest the crystals at a good pace. Build a Refinery and command 2 other SCV's to harvest the ore. Then build a Barracks and an Engineering Bay. Train 10-20 men and they should be able to defend the entrance to the base. Upgrade whenever you have the crystals and the vespene gas to spare. Build Missile Turrents all around the perimeter of your base while you build an Academy, a Factory, a Starport, an Armory, and a Sience Facility.

Once you have the Factory built, train 2-4 Goliath's to help defend to entrance. Now you can build all the add ons. (E.G.) The Comsat Station and the Nuclear Silo for the Command Center; the Machine Shop for the Factory; the Control Tower for the Starport; and the Physics Lab along with the Covert Ops add on for the Science Facility. Now build 8-12 Siege Tanks and upgrade the Siege ability in the Machine Shop. Remember to keep upgrading. Put 4 Siege tanks (in Siege mode) at the entrance of your base and put 4 Goliaths in front of the Siege Tanks. If done correctly, your base will be impenetrable by the enemy forces.

If you are still paranoid that it's not enough, then you can build Bunkers in front of them. If you run out of money then you can take up to 8 Siege Tanks along with 4 Goliaths with an SCV to hunt for more crystals. If you spot the enemy immediately go into Siege mode. The offensive attack on the enemy should be the same way. If you fight the mission the same way, you shouldn't lose that many men! Remember to use the Siege Tanks as guards when out of the base and remember to build Supply Depots when needed.

Submitted By : Andrew
In most levels or scenarios, you have the starting slot and one or two extra slots. Once the computer player runs out of resources, they go to an extra slot. To win a game fast and easily, put some find of barrier of defence (like bunkers and turrets, or photon cannons or sunken and spore colonies) at one of the extra slots and they will lose scvs(or drones or probes) and they won't be able to get resources and will sit there with nothing to do. Then destroy them.

Submitted By : Andrew
A good defence system for your terran base
When you start a base usualy, gather minerals and make a barracks or 2, then make a bunker at every entrance of your base. Then later on when you have gas and you are ready make your advanced structures. Make one or two extra bunkers along with a few siege tanks and a missle turret at both entrances to the base. Make sure the bunkers are full of units (preferably marines). Later, when your academy is made, make 1 medic for all bunkers(in the bunker of course) so that when the bunker is destroyed, a medic heals the marines as they shoot. Have one medic and one(or as many as necessary)scv in the middle of the defence, the scv(s) repair the damage, and the medic(s, maybe have a few extra of those in case of emergency) healing the scvs or the marines when the bunker goes. If one entrance is in the sons of chaos, take the defences from the other entrances to help. If whatever attacked you managed to destroy the defences entirely, kiss your base goodbye. A good idea too is to save resources and make battlecruisers to defend the base in case of the destruction on the defecive side. Note that if you skinned a victorious battle at the defence, think about the wasted resources to the opponent. When the battle is done, and repairing the damage, repair only enough to keep your building with the same health, as in yellow hit points, then repair the most useful buildings, then the useless ones, and heal the infantry and all your units, you should have the defence you had before.

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