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Cheats Hints - Nintendo 64 - Pikachu Genki Dechu Cheat Codes
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Game Name : Pikachu Genki Dechu
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:42:56
Views : 16475

Hint :
Hint: Deep In Ochre Woods: Hidden area:
Look at the hills in Ochre in the Deep In Ochre Woods section. Approach the hill that appears to be slightly different and walk through it to find hidden items.

Hint: Deep In Ochre Woods: Togepi Egg:
When in Deep In Ochre Woods, go to the cave at the edge of the woods. Command Pikachu to come to you -- you may also need to tell him to look. He will look in the cave and find a Togepi Egg. Abra will come down and take the Egg. Visit Abra's shop and the Egg will be there. Visit often enough and the Egg will hatch.

Hint: Field Trip Part 2: Hidden area:
Approach the largest tree. Command Pikachu to came to you and you will be able to enter the tree and get to Abra's shop.

Hint: Field Trip Part 2: Watering Jug upgrade:
In Field Trip Part 2, you can buy a watering jug that can be used thirty times instead of the watering can that can only be used three times.

Hint: Pikachu's Daring Days: Pirate's Sword:
Go to Pikachu's Daring Days and select Cobalt Island (The Treasure Hunt, Part 2). Go to the other side of the island and look around. Eventually, you will find a path leading up to a pirate fort. Try to keep Pikachu from finding the treasure chest. Using view mode, tell Pikachu to "Thunderbolt" the cannon facing away from the treasure chest. A loud blast will ring out. When the smoke clears, you will notice that all the chests will be unearthed, allowing you to simply follow the directions on the signs. If you did not open the chest inside the fort, opening it now will give you a pirate's sword.

Hint: Pikachu's Discovery Days: Bow:
At the beginning, go to Pikachu's Discovery Days. Go to any level and say "Fierce Diety". Pikachu will bow down at you.

Hint: Pokemon Picnic levels: Extra points and secret areas:
There are secret areas in all Pokemon Picnic levels. They are all in the same place. Find the odd spot in a wall. Go in it (and if you cannot see, turn up the color). There will be a magnet and a few bolts there in Pokemon Picnic 1. Pick them up for more PikaPoints. In Pokemon Picnic 2 and 3, there will be a Golden Apple. Pick it up for 500 PikaPoints.

Hint: Pokemon Picnic 3: Lucky Hook:
In Pokemon Picnic 3 you can buy the Lucky Hook from Abra's shop. Pikachu needs to be nearby to enter the shop. Once you leave you cannot reenter until the next day.

Hint: Pokemon Picnic Part 3: Trumpet:
Go to Abra's Shop. If you have already obtained the Lucky Hook, eventually the Trumpet will be at the shop. It costs P1,200. After buying it, the Trumpet will be in your room next to the stereo.

Hint: Pokemon Picnic Part 3: Flying Acorn:
Go to Abra's Shop. If you have already obtained both the Lucky Hook and the Trumpet, the Flying Acorn will be at the shop. After buying it, the Flying Acorn will be in your toolbox. Use it to knock things off of trees.

Hint: Pokemon Picnic 3: Better Water Pokemon:
Play in Pokemon Picnic 3 and go to Abra's shop. Buy the Lucky Hook, then go fishing anywhere. Some of the different Pokemon you can catch include the following.

Olivine: Pollywag, Pollywirl
Ochre: Dratini
Cobalt: Kingler, Tentacruel, Seadra
Hint: Treasure Hunt Part 2: Special gems:
Find the ramp that leads to the pirate fort. When you get there, find the treasure chest in the center of the fort and get Pikachu to open it. You should find one of many valuable gems. They include ruby (P500), sapphire (P10,000), and topaz (P20,000). If you cannot find the chest, it will appear the next time.

Hint: Unlock Daring Days:
Make sure that everything except the Piņata Party does not have a cloud over them. Then, break at least two piņatas at the Piņata Party. You will get the Harmonica. Then, you will go to camp overnight. A Haunter will appear. Tell Pikachu to Thunderbolt it. The next day, Pikachu will play the Harmonica again. A Lapras will carry both of you to Cobalt Island. Once there, you will go on a treasure hunt with Pikachu. The next day, Professor Oak will call you. He will introduce you to two new modes: Pikachu mode and View mode. Professor Oak will explain them. The next day, Professor Oak will introduce you to Daring Days.

Hint: Returning to Daring Days:
When you unlock Daring Days and complete Professor Oak's special training, you can go back to it. Go to the "Daring Days" page and say "Professor Oak's Special Training". Sometimes Pikachu will be mistaken and go to another place instead, so it may take a few attempts.

Hint: Ending:
The ending can be triggered by getting an Oddish to evolve to Gloom in Spring Leaf 3. You do not have to have all items collected, or fish caught. However, you may need to get all the items in the toolbox (lower half) and win some kind of prize in every other level. After Oddish evolves, you will wake up the next day. Professor Oak will tell you to ask Pikachu to buy a telescope all by himself, you are to follow him without being discovered by him (holding a cardboard box). The trip starts in Spring Leaf 3, then goes to Spring Leaf 1 and Spring Leaf 2 into Abra's Shop. Along the way Pikachu says "Hi" to his friends (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle). Pickachu buys the Telescope and gives it to you in the front yard, then looks into the night sky. While still in intermission mode, the next morning arrives and Professor Oak claims he has very important news and he needs to tell you in Viridian Edge. When you get there, Pikachu is on the other side of the spiked vines and gives you the Beachball again. Professor Oak tells you that you and Pikachu are very close friends and as such you must do what is best for him -- he is a Wild Pokemon and must return to the Wild to be with his own kind. You must say "Good-Bye". When you do there is hesitation and you must do it again. Pikachu then meets up with other Pikachus, waves good-bye, and runs off. You then head home in the front yard, look at the pond, and have a flashback thinking about Pikachu. The same happens in the garden (though the garden is empty). In the bedroom, you go to bed as the view changes to the small bedroom window (over the stereo). The screen gets white and an open book appears while music plays. On the right side of the book are scrolling credits while the left side displays a drawing of the front porch with Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Pikachu approaches them and dances. A drawing of a field appears with Pikachu standing there. A bunch of Oddish run by, followed by a big Oddish, etc. The screen goes to the N64 icon spinning as if you just turned the game on and returns to the start screen. Started the game from there and Pikachu will still be sleeping on the bed, and the telescope is now on the bookshelf.

Hint: Sapphire:
Go to Pikachu's Daring Days, Cobalt Island, or A Treasure Hunt Part 2 and head for the wooden fort in the middle of the island. Walk around it until you find a ramp. Go up the ramp to find a staircase. Go up the staircase to a treasure chest. Do the same thing you do with all the other chests to find a sapphire inside, worth 10,000 pika points. Note: you can only get the sapphire once.

Hint: Make Pikachu dizzy:
Go to the Pikachu's Discover, Play, or Daring Days map and press the Analog-stick in any direction. You should see circles in Pikachu's eyes.

Hint: Make Pikachu mad:
Say "Electric X X X".

Hint: Easy fishing:
Wait until the fish gets near the rock. Then say "Pull harder" to Pikachu.

Hint: Pikachu's attacks:
If you want Pikachu to do an attack, say one of the following: "Thundershock", "Thunderbolt", or "Thunder". Saying "Thunder Wave" or "Thunderpunch" will only confuse Pikachu, because he is only used to three attacks.

Hint: Play Pokemon quiz at any time:
If you want to play Pokemon quiz, but Pikachu wants to go outside, say "Quiz Time". Pikachu will nod its head and start the Pokemon quiz. Note: Pikachu must be looking at you.

Hint: Shadow game:
If you play the naming quiz enough times, you will unlock the Shadow game, where you have to guess the Pokemon by its silhouette.

Hint: Megaphone game:
Soon after you unlock Daring Days, Pikachu will run off to Viridian Forest Edge. You will receive a message from Professor Oak. He will give you the Megaphone and you will automatically go to Viridian Forest Edge. Pikachu will be there. The Megaphone only shoots in a straight line. Once you get Pikachu back, you will keep the Megaphone. After awhile, Pikachu will be at it again. It will be a repeating process.

Hint: Burned trumpet:
When you buy the trumpet, take it outdoors and play it about 30 to 35 times. Pikachu will shock it. After that, he does go to Abra's shop it will be all black as if a Thunder Attack has hit it.

Hint: Quickly disappearing items:
If you find an item that you do not need, or are taking things out (such as finding the ingredients in Ochre), pick up the item, throw it, and before it touches the floor, press B to view the description. Then, press A to exit, and once the item touches the floor, it will disappear.

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