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Cheats Hints - Nintendo 64 - Perfect Dark Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Perfect Dark Cheat Codes

Game Name : Perfect Dark
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:42:44
Views : 64429

Hint :
Unlocking Special Assignments:

Mr. Blonde’s Revenge is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Agent difficulty or higher.

Maian SOS is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Special Agent difficulty or higher.

WAR! is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Perfect Agent difficulty.

Duel is unlocked by finding all weapons in the solo missions and gaining at least a Bronze rating on each weapon at the Carrington Institute Firing Range.

Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent.

Log on at the Carrington Institute Website:
(submitted by: Hilary L.)
To log on at the Carrington Institute website, use the following user name and password:

Username: solaris
Password: pal32ver21z

Enter these at the 'agents only' section of the Carrington Institute's site and you'll be granted access to a new area complete with information on "CI Scientists Missing", DataDyne files recovered, biological sampling system and intelligence reports.

To get a naked Joahna:
1. Go to area 51
2. Get out a laptop gun
3. Using the laptop gun shoot someone in the head 4 times
4. Exit the level
5. Go to the opening screen
6. Play any level and Joahna will be naked

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