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Cheats Hints - Nintendo Wii - Opoona Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Opoona Cheat Codes

Game Name : Opoona
System : Nintendo Wii
Date Added : 2008-03-09 18:25:22
Views : 11561

Secret codes
"Backward Rear" (for Sho-Gi Wife)
* Tokione Starhouse teacher's Lounge (4F)
* Tokione Starhouse Theater 1 (2F)
* Tokione Center Isle (B1)
* Tokione Moon Forest Room 208

"Gooey Bed" (for Word Box)
* Tokione Starhouse Elevators (3F)

"Unceasing Child" (for Wallpaper 2)
* Tokione Starhouse Boy's Dorm (3F)

"Green Clouds" (for Smile Seed)
* Lifeborn Farm (1F)
* Lifeborn Aquaria Room (1F)

"The Right Lefthand" (for Wildgrass)
* Lifeborn Residence B42
* Lifeborn Licensing Center back office (3F)

"Worn out Mask" (for Staker 1)
* Artiela Cemetery
* Artiela licensing Center (2F)
* Artiela TV Tower Employee Dorm I (22F)

"Transparent Mask" (for Baby World Elephant)
* Artiela Concert Hall Dressing Room

"Tortoise's Full Speed" (for Electric Bulb for Jingle)
* Shine Co. Office area (9F), in 2nd office room if you go left comming out of the elevator.

"Wrinkling Cream" (for Sho-Gi Unicorn)
* Sanctuary Skypod Entrance (behind a chair)
* Sanctuary Cathedral Entrance
* Sanctuary Cathedral Meditation Room

"Folclore Senility" (for World Turtle)
* Sanctuary, outside, in front of cathedral, on fence in middle area
* "Muddy Water Gun" (for World Snake)
* Paradiso, behind the ramp going to the roof
* Paradiso, on the outside of cottage 3

"Warm hot Spring" (for World Elephant)
* Paradiso, behind a tree
* Paradiso, in bungalow 4
* Paradiso, in cottage 3
* Paradiso, on the outside of your house
* Paradiso, in the cafeteria
* Paradiso, Skypod boarding gate
* Paradiso, unknown

"Troubled Tangerine" (one for Wildgrass, two for Diamond)
* Intelligent Sea Server room (training room)
* Unknown

Fifth Citizen Ranking Star
Earned by acquiring the Five-Star Landroll Ranger License. Must be done before talking to woman for Sixth Star.

Sixth Citizen Ranking Star
Earned by talking to a woman on the bottom floor of the Moon Forest Tokione Hotel after spending the night.

Five-Star Landroll Ranger License
Acquired by winning 100 battles in the Intelligent Sea server room.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding wallpaper.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Wallpaper 10Given by Kamaro after you give him the Shouprieme Flower.
Wallpaper 2Collect and trade the "Unceasing Child" secret code.
Wallpaper 3Container in the Matia Mine
Wallpaper 4Complete Detective mission 3.
Wallpaper 5Container inside the first level of the Wilderness Ruins.
Wallpaper 6Tyrant treasure I
Wallpaper 7Awarded at the Artiela Museum with Art Coordinator license
Wallpaper 8Suck all garbage (40) in first sweeper mission at Artiela Cafe.
Wallpaper 9Complete Detective mission 1.

Spy: Inside a container Artila Wilderness Ruins.
Miser: In container on the Miracle Plateau (Artila).
Samurai: In container in Rock Castle Sky Cave.
Dragon: Tokione B2 Security Storage.
King: Given by man in Lifeborn B51 after completing the Stacker art.
Wife: Collect the 4 "Backward rear" secret codes.
Unicorn: Collect the 3 "Wrinkling Cream" secret codes.

Stacker 1: Collect all 3 "Backward Rear" Secret Codes.
Stacker 2: Given by Mac after you have Stacker 1 (if your friendship level is high enough).
Stacker 3: In a container in Pirate Valley.
Stacker 4: In a container in East Sea West Coast (after Anemos).
Stacker 5: In a container in Spirit Lake B1.

The World
Collect the secret code pieces for the Baby World Elephant, World Turtle, World Snake, and World Elephant.

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