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Cheats Hints - Playstation 2 - Eagle Eye Golf Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Eagle Eye Golf Cheat Codes

Game Name : Eagle Eye Golf
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2007-08-22 18:40:02
Views : 16119

Play as Tom
Defeat Tom in the Sakura Cup (Amateur event).

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding club.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
CarbonWin the Sakura Cup (Amateur event)
CustomWin Amapro Tournament (Pro-Am event)
EdgeWin 10 consecutive Survival matches
MetalWin the Challenge Cup (Pro-Ams event)
Metal BatWin 60 consecutive Survival matches
PowerWin Classic Open (Junior Pro event)
RockWin 40 consecutive Survival matches
SteelWin the Desert Open (Amateur event)

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Air GloveWin the Amateur Tournament (Amateur event).
Blue NecklaceWin the Scorpio Cup (Pro-Ams event).
Camel ShoesWin the Challenge Cup (Pro-Ams event).
Crystal BadgeWin 30 consecutive Survival matches.
NatalaWin 100 consecutive Survival matches.

Golf balls
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding type of ball.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Air SpinWin Eagle Cup (Junior Pro event)
CyberWin 50 consecutive Survival matches
GrassWin Dream Cup (Junior Pro event)
HermitWin 80 consecutive Survival matches
LightWin the Open Nights (Pro-Ams event)
SpinWin the Hiyodori Cup (Amateur event)
StarWin Owl Cup (Junior Pro event)
SuperWin 20 consecutive Survival matches

Play as Joshy
Win 70 consecutive Survival matches.

Premium Nights course
Successfully complete all Amateur tournaments

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