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Cheats Hints - GameBoy Advance - Yu Yu Hakusho : Tournament Tactics Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Yu Yu Hakusho : Tournament Tactics Cheat Codes

Game Name : Yu Yu Hakusho : Tournament Tactics
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2006-04-21 19:41:37
Views : 18960

Timed floodgates:
Get any member of your team onto the indicated red square. Note: There may be more then one. Keep your man there until the timer runs out. The floodgate will automatically be destroyed. You are allowed to attack other enemies while on the pad. If your character is killed while still on the pad and time has not ran out, of if you step off of the pad, the timer will be reset.

Arcade mode:
Successfully complete the entire game once. Then, select "Extras" and it will be under "Tournament".

Yusuke: Super strength:
Get all mega attacks for his team.

Unlimited experience at Dark Arena:
You must have Hiei's full stats for this to work. Go to the level above the first level in the Dark Arena. Have Hiei in your party first. Select any other characters you want to gain experience and start. Have Hiei move to the space next to (on the left) the light pole and choose "Wait". Then, move seven spaces upward (using Left) and wait again. Then, move to the red square and wait one final time. The battle will be over and all of your characters will gain 650 experience points without giving the enemies a chance to attack. Repeat this as many times as desired for easy experience.

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