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Cheats Hints - GameBoy Advance - Final Fantasy 4 Advance Cheat Codes
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Game Name : Final Fantasy 4 Advance
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2005-07-13 18:37:22
Views : 17898

Unlock Music Player
Beating the game once unlocks the Music Player. It can be accessed under "Extra" on the title screen.

Unlock The 50 Floor Dungeon
Beat the game once and then fly around on the moon's surface until you see a boulder shaped like a head with a face.

Psycho Edward Glitch
This takes advantage of Edward's auto-hide property when he is in critical status (low HP). First, berserk him, then take him down to critical (tornado works well). He should hide in his next available turn. However, he retains his berserk status, and in his next available turn, he'll reappear and attack again. He will still be berserked, but he'll also still be considered "hidden." That means that he'll constantly attack and never be able to be targetted, even by spells that should hit the entire party, as long as one other person is still alive (he can't hide if he is the only person left alive). On the negative side, it also means you can't heal him, even with party healing spells.

Easy rare encounters with one 'Siren'
If you use the Siren item, the game automatically sends you into the rarest encounter on the current floor/part of the world you are on. With just one Siren and the handy soft reset, you can use that one Siren to get a rare fight when you need it, if a save point is nearby.
Simply save the game, then use the Siren and you will get the rare encounter. Do a soft reset (A+B+Select+Start) and the first fight you get into should be the rare encounter for that floor and you still have the Siren item.

A test example that works great is to go to the Summoned Monsters town, then save. Go back to 3F of the Cave of Summons then use the Siren. You should confront two rairyuu/Thunder Dragons. Do a soft reset, then go back to 3F and walk around until you get into a fight. It should be with two Thunder Dragons. Use this to get some of the harder to encounter enemies if you do not have a large stock of the Siren item.

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