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Cheats Hints - Genesis - Light Crusader Cheat Codes
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You're viewing Light Crusader Cheat Codes

Game Name : Light Crusader
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 12:24:52
Views : 18219

Beat The Floating Fat Boss
If you enter the room and fight the boss, he (?) attacks mercilessly and seemingly re-generates all his hit points about every 10 seconds. However, there are two ways to beat him.
If you do not enter the room (just stand in the doorway), the boss will just float in front of you and not attack even once. Blast him with thunder spells and he'll go down like a bag-o-potatoes.

Alternatively, enter the room and place your hits carefully. If you don't hit the green with your sword spells or body then he won't regenerate.

Crystal Sword
The crystal is a sword in Level 5. After you beat the Necromancer go back to the Dark World and it'll be adjacent to the room with the crystals. Push the button and fight the blue armored men to get the chest.

Easy Money
To stack up on money, get the Goblin costume, dress up as him, then go to the ringmaster and ask him if you can fight. Say yes, and if you win you will get 180 GP!

Gold Armor
To obtain the Gold Armor, you must fight in B1 or B2 the lily pad monsters. One of the pads, after being defeated, will give up the Gold Armor. Be patient - It may take some time.

Green Potion
Just before entering the room with the goblins, you have to hit the door with the laser to open it. Before you open the door, take the laser and hit one the gargoyles with it and it will open a secret door. Inside you'll find a green potion. Not very good, but one hell of a lot of GP when you sell it (1501 GP to be exact).

Locating The Orbs
To locate the orbs, follow the instructions below.
Red Orb: Step on Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.
Blue Orb: Move the compass to the North, East, West, and South.
Green Orb: Move the statues in order Moon first, Star Second, Dark Orb third, and the Light Orb last.
Yellow Orb: Get the music box and play the tune on the tuning forks.

Playing Tips
Level 1
Whenever you are low on funds and need food come here and kill the little green globs repeatedly and they will give you much fillet and steak.

Level 2

You must get the "music box" near northern orb (the one with the lunar eclipse) before you can get eastern orb.

Beware: when you get the last orb you will fight a tough boss.

Level 3

After you get "Costume", dress up as a goblin to fight and make money to buy the weapons for sale in town. You can also pass the guarded door by just talking to the guard while disguised.

Three stacked boulders room: Chest contains critical Key. Jump at boulder stack directly from NW. Use the floor tiles to align precisely. When the stack goes strait up against the wall then you can climb it or jump on it to get the key.

Level 4

Stuck? Go to room with 2 wizards after finding crest(?). Talk to them as David and the door will open.

Level 5

Note: The crystal is POINTING at the realm you will enter. It's not random.

Power Gloves
To obtain the power gloves go to B5. Once there, enter the Japanese level and fight the ninjas until one of them gives it up. This may take awhile.

Another really cool thing is to have the sextant, it's like having a walking teleporter. In the 2nd level when you reach a room where you find a piece of the scroll (I can't remember which part either) there are two pillars in the bottom right corner, chop through these and you'll hit a switch that activates a secret door. Walk through the door and there's your sextant!!!

Note: The only other clue I can give you is that it's below the room where you have to lure the goblin to step on the switch.

Solution To "Three Vombs And A Clock Room"
Note that there may be other solutions. Bombs are listed in fuse-length order.

Stop the clock
Push bomb 3 (longest fuse) to platform edge. You can use it to jump up on the platform.
Push bomb 1 to trigger
Push bomb 2 to moving plate
Start clock, let bomb 1 explode, then stop clock
Jump up on platform using bomb 3
Move bomb 2 to door
Start clock, let bomb 2 explode, stop clock
Jump up on platform using bomb 3, exit

Solution To "The Boulder And Barrel Puzzle"
This is a solution for the boulder and barrel puzzle just before the end. Don't read it if you want to solve this for yourself.

Both balls => NE to wall
Both balls => NW to wall (one will be on moving plate)
Bottom ball => SW to trigger
Use the barrel to jump from to push ball from the moving plate to the platform.
Push the barrel on to the other trigger
Push the ball to the other moving plate explode the barrel.
Push the ball over and down to the final trigger.

Solution To "The Ice-Realm Boulder Puzzle"
Ball by door = ball 1
Ball near switch = ball 2
Ball by column = ball 3

Ball 3 => NW to Ice block
Ball 1 => SE to column
Ball 3 => NE to Ball 2
Destroy NE Ice block (in front of Balls 3&2)
Balls 3&2 => NE to wall
Ball 1 => SW to other column
Ball 1 => NW to ice block
Ball 1 => NE to Balls 3&2
Ball 1 => NW to switch

The Scratcher
The Scratcher is a secret weapon (there isn't even a space for it) and you can find it on Level 5 in Japan. One of the ninjas has it, though he may not give it up right away.

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