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Cheats Hints - Genesis - James Pond 3 : Operation Starfish Cheat Codes
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You're viewing James Pond 3 : Operation Starfish Cheat Codes

Game Name : James Pond 3 : Operation Starfish
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 12:09:26
Views : 6442

Cheat Codes
Enter the PASSWORD screen and enter this code: Red Cheese, Yellow Mouse, Green Cat, Blue Dog. To finish, enter any combitnation of the following in RED:

Dog - Always have X-ray specs
Teacup - All cheese mines and Stiltanium machines destroyed!
Star - Start with 5 fish/frogs of energy
Fish - Invincible!
Skull - Start with 1 fish/frog of energy and 1 life
Book - Open map! Go anywhere!
Cupcake - Always start with homing cupcakes on fruit gun pick up!

After you have selected what you want, EXIT the password screen and start a new game.

Extra Lives
Get yourself down to 1 life and pause the game when you're about to get hit. Press A to restart the level. Your lives should now read "0". If you lose that life, the game will be over. Repeat the trick again and you'll have 10 lives.

Head Start
For a good start, enter this password:

Blue Fish, Green Wrench, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Yellow Cup, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Lion, Green Dimaond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Hammer, Blue Cheese, Green Arrow.

Super Jump
Get the jet pack and drop it where you want to jump. Press C + B to pick it up and get a boost into the air. This trick works even if the jet pack is empty.

Unlimited Jetpack Fuel
Go to options to set the play buttons. Choose: shoot/use item for A, speed up for B and jump for C. Use the C button for flight NOT the A button. The power supply on the jetpack will NOT go down when this configuration is used. Great for those levels where it's too tricky to complete with just one fuel pack.

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